How to Get Your Creative Wedding Hashtag

Since the rise of social media, wedding hashtags have become a common way for couples to see all of their pictures in one place. Obviously, your photographer will send you all the gorgeous, edited photos they took on your wedding day for you to have forever. But finding your guests’ photos is difficult—you want to see pictures of your guests having fun, but there’s no way for them to share them all with you. That’s where your wedding hashtag comes in. 


A wedding hashtag lets you see all the photos your guests post at the wedding in one place. You can also use it for events leading up to the wedding that you won’t have a photographer for, like your engagement party and bachelorette party. The wedding hashtag will be online forever, making it easy for you to go find wedding photos and look back on that time in your life fondly. 


Choosing a hashtag can be tough—you want something funny and memorable that reflects your personality, so finding a creative option can be hard. One way is to start by thinking of what your last name might rhyme with—you can always go with a good pun! If you’re not too confident in your creative juices (hey, we get it!), try out a wedding hashtag generator for free online. Some companies even offer paid, professional wedding hashtag writers if you want a really good one!


The biggest wedding hashtag key is to be sure your guests see it. Why have one if no one remembers to tag it in their posts! Put the hashtag on everything, so it’s easily found by your guests. Programs, bar signs, wedding favors, and anything else should have your hashtag on it so guests know to use it!