I Love My Anne Barge Ballgown!

I Love My Anne Barge Ballgown!

I Love My Anne Barge Ballgown!. Mobile Image

Nov 12, 2020

Andy & Talia’s Wedding at Tenk West Bank in Cleveland, Ohio


Andy and I met on Bumble. I asked Andy what he was currently reading, and he sent me a photo of the cover of the classic text, “Ecofeminism.”

Andy asked me out, and he weathered a blizzard while driving to meet me at the Starbucks by my house. We talked for 3 hours that evening, in part waiting out the storm, hoping the snow fall would let up. It did not let up, so Andy took the highway home on this dark and snowy night

On our next date, we bonded over our study of the “Rum Bible” that the waiter left on our table. After dinner, we attended a Cleveland Orchestra concert. Our third date was a Portuguese film at the Cleveland Cinemateque. Fourth date: Akron Art Museum- and so on.

The upcoming summer, we worked at our respective law firms in Akron, just two blocks apart. There were many trips – to Pittsburgh, and Indiana in Pennsylvania; Silver Spring, Maryland; Michigan (twice); and Chicago.

We went to Indians and Tigers baseball games, Andy’s rec club soccer games, art museums, and many concerts- including Beyonce & Jay-Z and Punch Brothers https://svensktapotek.net. By the time we took a ceramics class together in the fall, we knew we had each found our person.

Andy proposed the night before Thanksgiving. While driving to meet friends, he made a sudden and unexpected turn. Announcing we needed to make a stop, he drove to the Starbucks where we had our first date.

The scene was quiet, the air was crisp, it was close to a full moon, and the lighting was perfect. When we went home, we shared our news with the people we love. Everyone was glowing as we all began our Thanksgiving holiday.

In terms of after getting engaged, we wanted to get married at a time when our friends and family from all across the world could attend. We liked the idea of having a huge celebration to honor this enormous moment in our lives. We both have big extended families that we are very close with, including our 31 first cousins and their families!

We decided to get married on the last day of the year. There’s something special about New Year’s Eve before you even add a wedding on top of it.

We worked closely with our vendors to create a warm and luscious space with romantic flowers and candle lighting.  Our parents truly gave us the wedding of our dreams.

The day of our wedding, we were both in awe of the fact that we had arrived at this special and beautiful day.

Our officiant, Rabbi Arnie Sleutelberg, has been “Uncle Arnie” to me and my brothers since we were born.  He is my dad’s best friend from rabbinical school. Andy developed a wonderful friendship with him too, so it was incredibly special to have him lead our ceremony.

Andy and I wrote our ketubah- our Jewish marriage covenant and agreement. Another close friend and rabbi read our ketubah under our chuppah.  Our chuppah, the wedding canopy that symbolizes the couple’s home, was made for my parents’ wedding. They were also married beneath it.

It is custom at Jewish weddings that before the ceremony, the two mothers break a plate together.  Andy’s mom created a bag to hold the plate. It was made from family heirloom material including his great aunt’s wedding dress. The plate itself had also belonged to the previous generation.  Our moms recited a very moving blessing together.

Andy and I were so grateful that we found each other, and that so many of the important people in our lives came to honor us and witness the occasion. We’re still both in awe of the luck we had in meeting one another and in choosing each other.  Andy is a kind and generous soul and makes my life incredibly joyful. Andy will tell you that I’m the best part of his day and that he wants to spend every day of his life with me.  We feel very blessed.

A special thank you to Jennifer, Jamie, Sophie, and all the lovely women at Brides by the Falls who helped me navigate dress shopping and ultimately found me such a stunning wedding dress.  I love my Anne Barge ballgown. It was a joy working with all of you- you took such good care of me.

Thank you, Talia, for choosing us to help you find your wedding dress!

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