What Silhouette if Best for My Body Type?

What Silhouette if Best for My Body Type?

When brides come into the boutique, we often get asked which silhouette will work best for their body type. The answer varies from bride to bride, but it comes down to one factor: which part of your body do you like best, and which part would you want to highlight? Different bridal silhouettes create different shapes, so we’re sharing what makes each work on the blog. 


Lula by Anne Barge



A classic silhouette, the A-line will never go out of style. For centuries, this has been the go-to bridal silhouette. The skirt flares out from the natural waist, with the angle of the skirt highlighting your waist to make you appear thinner. This silhouette is universally flattering, and perfect for brides seeking a traditional shape that’s guaranteed to look great. 

Ball Gown

1371 by Martina Liana



Like the A-line, the ball gown flares from your natural waist, but the skirt is much more full. With a rounder, more bell-like shape, the full skirt gives the dress a princess-like look. The higher level of drama adds a regal quality to the gown, making this a great choice for brides who love drama but want something traditional. 


1387 by Martina Liana



The mermaid silhouette is fitted through the hip, with the skirt flaring from the knee. The dramatic shape creates an exaggerated hourglass figure, making your curves stand out even more. This high-fashion look is the perfect option for women who love statement-making dresses and want to emphasize their hips. 

Fit and Flare

LE1113 by Martina Liana Luxe



Fit and flare silhouettes, much like mermaid, create an exaggerated hourglass figure that compliments your curves. The key distinction between the mermaid and fit and flare is where the skirt begins: rather than the knee, it starts midway down the thigh, for a more subtle, relaxed hourglass shape. You get the same, curve-loving look, but with a more effortless look. 

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